Looking to the future

look at the world.

looking to the future, look at the world.

Brand Story

Look to the Future, Expand to the World

We offer our outstanding proficiency, to assist our client to build up exquisite products. Having well-established technical team who connect with passion, to satisfy our clients from all over the World boundlessly.
Holding the spirits of perpetual corporation,provide effective solutions with humanities and technology.
To make sure the investment of the job works out the greatest benefit with best team capacity and superior technology.
We are looking forward to having ambitious people to join us!
Think Clever, Be the Creation of person , To better Technology World in 2023 !

Brand Story

Growth and Challenges Embraced

We are constantly innovating, learning and growing. We are willing to accept challenges and pull out all stops in the face of competition. Additionally, we boast excellent online game core technologies and strive for products with higher quality.

Self-ability Breakthrough

We expect to take the lead in the world and create irreplaceable competitive edges to implement the concept of “Talents Are Assets” to the ground. We value the professional skills and personalities of each partner, so we plan multiple courses to improve their new knowledge and strengthen their expertise so that they can develop sustainably with the company.


Technology Services

1.Public Cloud and Network Architecture Design
2.Software Outsourcing:Base on Linux , Docker , Vue , Java
3.Database Maintenance(MySQL、MariaDB、MongoDB)

Join Us

Java Back-End Engineer

Java Back-End Engineer
Job Description:

1.Conducting function development, on-line website debugging.
2.Integrating with third-party API
3.Cooperate the requirement of REST api with front end engineers.

1. Web/API development experience for 1+ year
2. Familiar with Java , Spring Framework , Spring Boot
3.The development experience of MySQL database Familiar with syntax of SQL
4. General layer conception of HTTP / HTTPS / TCP / UDP
5. Using Git version to manage project
6.The general concept of OO

1. The Using knowledge of cache service, Ex: Memcache /Redis
2. The practical experience of CI / CD
3.The practical experience of MQ
4.The practical experience of major websites.
5. The practical experience of public cloud.
6.The practical experience of Micro Service
7.The development experience of MongoDB
8.The ability of reading api document in English

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